Great Dining Experiences in SW Florida

SWFLinfo_dining_01.jpgFor seafood lovers, the dining in southwest Florida is second to none. The mix of both warm and cool water off the coast nets a bevy of fresh catches, so the area is flooded with fresh seafood restaurants. Open-air eating decks, romantic sunset dining cruises and elegant eateries are among the local favorites. You'll find a delicious assortment of seafood from grouper and conch to Apalachicola oysters, mahi-mahi and Tilapia. Parents will find plenty of choices to keep the kids happy, too.

If you're not into seafood and your tastes are more suited to the land fare there are plenty of choices around the area. Whether you're a steak-and-potato buff, a health food nut or a lover of fine dining, southwest Florida caters to all appetites, full or finicky.

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SW Florida Restaurant Guide