Higher Education and Local School District Links

SWFLinfo_education_01.jpgIt wasn't too long ago that Governor Jeb Bush declared, "The state of education in Florida is stronger than ever." Southwest Florida schools truly are a testament to that statement. Standardized test scores continue to rise, showing a marked improvement over years past.

Area schools are among the best in the state when it comes to providing individual assistance to students. School curriculums offer a broad variety of subjects in an attempt to mold a well-rounded student. Literally thousands of students attend class at more than 100 elementary, middle and high schools around the area.

Florida Gulf Coast University, Edison Community College, International College and the brand new Ave Maria are the area's premier higher learning facilities. Each new year the universities provide a variety of challenging courses and varied majors.


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Ave Maria University is a vibrant Catholic university located in beautiful southwest Florida. It is an academic institution that pledges faithfulness to the teachings of the Church and is committed to providing one of the finest classical liberal arts curricula available.
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The Collier County School District, located in South West Florida, is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. With 21 schools receiving an "A" rating, Collier County Schools percentage of "A" rated schools exceeds that of the state.
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With the first students admitted to Edison in the fall of 1962, Edison College celebrates 41 years of service to Southwest Florida this year. Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees are offered at Edison as well as various certificate programs.
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Florida Gulf Coast University, with its innovative programs, technology friendly campus, and outstanding faculty, is one of the most exciting educational environments in America. FGCU, a member of the State University System of Florida, is a comprehensive university created to address the educational needs of the rapidly growing Southwest Florida population. Classrooms showcase state-of-the-art multimedia instructional systems that feature Internet access, document cameras, and audio and video presentations.

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