Cultural Resources and Activities in SW Florida


Over the past decade, the arts have transformed southwest Florida into one of the state’s most cosmopolitan areas. Audiences delight in our performing arts scene, where talented local actors bring life to Broadway favorites and new plays at intimate community playhouses. Fine arts lovers will enjoy a host of exceptional galleries and studios. The galleries are bursting with brilliant renderings of the picturesque local environment, unique wildlife and breathtaking sunsets. In addition to the natural selections, you’ll find a wide variety of modernism, cubism, impressionism and abstract arts.


The centerpiece of southwest Florida performing arts is Fort Myers’ Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall. For 20 years the venue has played host to the most popular shows and performing artists in the country. Cats, Mama Mia!, The Producers, Movin’ Out. You name it, they’ve had it. And if the show you’re looking for hasn’t played yet, chances are, it will.


In Naples, the Philharmonic Center for the Arts is the premier performing arts hall in Southwest Florida, hosting more than 400 events a year including world-class dance, opera, classical and popular music and Broadway musicals. The Phil features four art galleries and two sculpture gardens. The Collector's Corner offers an outstanding variety of art and rare gifts for sale. 


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Home of Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. A variety of quality touring productions including Broadway shows, musicals, plays, dance and ballet programs, as well as concerts and other performances by national touring groups.
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A trip to the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium offers visitors keen insight on southwest Florida's natural history. Daily educational programs allow visitors an up-close-and-personal view of some of the area’s wildlife, including alligators, crocodiles and snakes. The stars are always in line for an adventure to the only planetarium south of Bradenton and west of Miami.
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Gulfshore Life recently named Caribbean Gardens "Best Place to Take Kids" in the annual Best of the Gulfshore Awards. A natural path almost one mile in length winds past rare and beautiful animals residing within a 52-acre jungle of exotic plants first planted in 1919 with a fascinating history.
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Learn about mastodons and fierce saber cats, Calusa and Seminole Indians, and the rugged pioneers who settled one of America’s last frontiers at the Collier County Museum. Visitors will enjoy five acres of native gardens, two early Naples cottages, swamp buggies and a logging locomotive.
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The Corkscrew Swamp is a magnificent natural attraction with cathedral-like cypress forest and abundant resident wildlife. The swamp offers some of the best wildlife and nature viewing and photographic experiences in the world.
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Impressionist paintings from the 19th century to the present. Hand-turned wood, marble sculpture, bronze & steel sculpture.
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Edison and Ford Winter Estates was the winter home of world-renowned inventor Thomas Edison. The estate is one of the greatest historic treasures in Lee County. Completed in 1886, the home served this as a winter retreat and work place for the prolific inventor until his death in 1931. Edison’s friend Henry Ford followed shortly thereafter, purchasing the neighboring property in 1915. The inventive genius of Edison and Ford are evident throughout the 17 acres of riverfront estates.

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