The Finest Accommodations in Southwest Florida

SWFLinfo_accommodations_01.jpgPeople from around the world visit throughout the year making tourism one of the top industries in southwest Florida. Here you'll find upscale, beachfront resorts, quaint inns and affordable getaways. Most are within a short drive of the dazzling Gulf, world-class golf courses and the exotic Everglades National Park. Many hotels offer handsome packages for vacationing couples and families.


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Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Pine Island Sound, legendary 'Tween Waters Inn Island Resort offers warm, island hospitality with 138 quality accommodations that fit the needs and desires of any party — be it couples or families, getaways or gatherings, meetings or matrimony. Amenities include a luxurious pool, spa, elegant and casual dining, tennis courts, marina, and beach. Also enjoy complimentary high speed internet access and continental breakfast, plus captivating sunsets free of charge.

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